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MVN University is launched under Haryana Private University Act and has extended collaboration with reputed international universities. The university has schools of Engineering and technology, Management studies and Computer and information sciences that provide high class UG, PG and PhD courses. We have an expert team of scientists doing research and development program in various fields such as agri-electronics, resource management, robotics, cloud computing , data warehousing and mining, social media mining, soft computing, mechatronics, remote sensing etc. The university offers an innovative learning system. Class room teaching is supplemented by e-Learning which enables students to access the course contents of all courses online. The endeavor of management of MVN society that no brilliant student is denied education for want of money therefore the society has launched very liberal scholarship schemes.

In ECE department, we have a well qualified & committed team of faculties for imparting higher quality technical education with awareness of the latest trends in Electronics and Communication technology. In technical education, practical and theory both are equally important, therefore, we emphasize more and more on laboratory work. The ECE department is well equipped with specialized laboratories for practical work. A wide range of fully functional laboratories are existing in ECE department. We have world class library with Journals and Research papers for our students and faculties as well. We also have other centralized facilities like internet, cafeteria, medical centre, sports, transport, hostel, utility centre etc.

The dedicated team of faculty members in our department encourages students to consider the wide range of professional possibilities open to them and prepare them to meet their chosen objectives. We believe that practical learning through practice is a means of inviting the perfection desired. The sequence of study proceeds from an engagement with engineering fundamentals, along with ethics and human behavior in the First year, towards a focused project based training in the second year along with soft skills training. The third year study is designed to give students mastery of contemporary principles and technologies oriented towards the industry requirements by undertaking job oriented elective programs in their chosen area. The final year is spent on consolidating the expertise gained, through team based research and development projects resulting in industry ready engineers.


Our Teaching Pedagogy
Our Faculty uses different methodology of teaching as every individual has different caliber
Web Design
Innovative Teaching
Hands-On Projects

Apart from learning the basics of your stream, B.Tech projects are one of the most important things in Computer Science that needs to be done seriously. You will be asked about this project in almost every interview later, be it for a job profile in industry or be it for admission to masters course.

Being a electronics engineer only won't get you much. A degree alone does not ensures skills that get you placed. During Placements of good companies, project work is given utmost importance. We encourage the students to work on projects with full dedication as it helps them in many direct and indirect ways in their career ahead.

Active Learning

Our Active learning approach gets students involved in activity in the classroom rather than passively listening to a lecture. This activity can be reading, writing, discussing, solving a problem, or responding to questions that require more than factual answers. The idea is to get students thinking about the material. This is important, because students who are passive have a decline in concentration after 10-15 minutes in a 50 minute lecture.

By employing active learning strategies, students not only learn content, but process as well. This makes them better students in later courses, and better professionals after finishing their degree.

Technology Workshops

Regular technical workshops are organized in the Department to promote practical application of learning to the real world and the world of work. It helps towards Skill development including communication, team work and presentation. The indirect benefits include Hands on learning, problem solving and development of creative solutions.

We provide insightful information about professional careers and study routes to our students, with workshops providing a practical insight into what careers entail.Supports the development of skills, aspirations and confidence among young people, complementing our department’s Social Value Objectives and Corporate Social Responsibility.

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The success secret of a department is the committed team
Introducing members of Team ECE, their technical interests, passions and specialization areas. Complete List .
Team Member
Dr.J. V. Desai
Team Member
Dr. Rajeev Arora
Team Member
Mr. Mukesh Saini
Team Member
Mr. Alok Srivastava
Team Member
Mr.Harendra Singh
Team Member
Dr. J. V. Desai
Dr. J.V. Desai is an IIT(B) Alumnus with a rich 35 Years teaching, research and Administration Experience. He is currently the VIce Chancellor of MVNU.
Team Member
Dr.Rajeev Rattan
Dr. Rajeev is associate prof.He has done his Ph. D. in Multirate DSP and has experience more than 10 years.He has publish more than 150 papers in various prestigious jounrals.
Team Member
Mr Mukesh Saini
Mr Mukesh Saini is having more than 13 years of teaching experience.He is currently pursuing Ph.D from DCRUST Murthal. He is also working on R&D project from Orient Electric.
Team Member
Mr Alok Srivastava
Mr. Alok Srivastava has a teaching experience of over 10 years. He specializes in Wireless and mobile communication. He is currently working with orient electric to enhance effenciency of fans.He is pursuing PhD.
Team Member
Mr Harendera Singh
Harendra Singh is having more than 5 years of teaching experience.He is specialized in instrumentation and control system.
Team Member
Ms Priyanka Kaushik
Ms Priyanka Kaushik is having 2 years of teaching experience and she is specilized in image processing..
We offer Industry Oriented specialization choices
The specializations are designed based on feedback from recruiters and market trends. Industry Curated curriculum helps us deliver the best course. New Course 2018 - B.Tech ECE with Specialization in IoT
Internet of Things
This specilization is focussed on Connectivity of physical devices which has very wide applications in industries as well as in smart cities
Specialization Highlights
  • IoT architecture
  • IoT Communication protocols
  • Sensors
  • Cloud
VLSI Embedded System
VLSI and embedded is now applicable from personal system to automation in company. So this subject is always makes you more suitable for industry.
Specialization Highlights
  • Basic Electronics
  • Advanced IC Technology
  • Digital System Design
  • Embedded system
Robots are currently used for the places where human can not be deployed but in future as the inteligency level of robots increases.
Specialization Highlights
  • Basic Electronics
  • Digital System Design
  • Advanced networking
  • Robotics engineering practicum
Communication System
This is the fastest growing field in India and worldwide.All new gadgets are based on connectivity so future of this field is bright.
Specialization Highlights
  • Basic Communication System
  • Advanced communiaction System
  • Computer Communication
  • Communication techniques for satellite
THE Glorygetters of ECE
Meet the students of ECE who have set an example for their successors.
Ravi Mahdan
Placed in Geo Tracker, Max Group.
Rahul Saha
Placed in Max Group, Presto Group
Deeksha Gautam
Ritu Mittal
Placed in Vodafone, ICCS
Gaurav Achalia
Currently working with Wipro
Anshu Sharma
Currently working with Francknet
Astami Manchanda
Currently working with aon hewitt
Lalit Singla
Currently working with capquest
Currently working with Samsung
Saloni Jaggi
Currently working with Aon Hewitt
Shivang Sood
Currently working with Bharti Airtel
Priyanka Naidu
Currently working with Adobe
Sidhant Bhatia
Currently working with Nokia
Sajal Goyal
Currently working with Defsys
Deeksha Sharma
Currently working with IBM
Currently Working with Xerox
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Some of our esteemed recruiters.
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